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Transcendence - C.J. Omololu MY THOUGHTSREALLY LIKED ITCello player and high school student, Cole (Nicole), keeps have breaks with reality, triggered by her location, where is transported back in time and reenacts history. At first, she feels like she is just a witness, but then the flashbacks become more personal and she feels like these things have really happened to her instead of just seeing them through her eyes. She meets Griffon, who rescues her at the Tower of London and he seems to be stalking her and turns up unexpectedly in her hometown of San Francisco. He understands what she is going through and explains that she might be Akhet, those who remember their past lives for the good of the community. Although, like any good romance, there has to be an evil thing to try and break the new couple apart. Griffon seems almost too good to be true but that could just be that since he remembers his past lives, he has learned from them, not like most typical teens his age. I really like Cole and her interactions with her sister which added a certain amount of reality to this reincarnation tale. For some reason, I was reminded a bit of The Time Traveler's Wife with the flashbacks in time and the romance although this has more layers with a secret organization of the Akhet. This is a decent paranormal romance suitable for most teens.

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