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The Faerie Ring

The Faerie Ring - ***slight spoilers***The Faerie Ring is not about those circles of mushrooms found in your grass nor is it about fairies dancing about, no, it is about a real ring with a red fiery stone. Tiki is lost in an Oliver Twist-like existence, living with a rag tag group of orphans in Victorian times forced to pick the pockets of the wealthy in order to survive. She has recently turned sixteen and finds herself trying to steal bread from the royal household, but instead find herself almost caught and hides in a library where two men come in and discuss a ring. The ring is dropped and like any good thief, she pockets it. Little does she know that her world may come tumbling down because of this ring and it has special significance to her. Tiki is street smart and care deeply for her newly found collection of friends that soon turns into a family of sorts. In her quest to support them and keep them well, she is forced to make decisions that may turn out to be a life or death situation. There are charming characters, page turning chases, evil versus good and some humor thrown in to even everything out. Reiker is an older, adult pick pocket who knows more than he lets on. He is definitely one to watch since I am still not sure which side of the fence he is on. He seems to rescue Tiki at her most vulnerable times but at the same time poses something that might harm her. I hope the next installment answers the question of exactly what he is to TiKi. Overall, a nice visit to the land of faery, even though we only see a few glimpses of them in this book.

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