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Sirenz - Charlotte Bennardo, Natalie Zaman MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITThis story about two private high school roommates, who are not really friends or enemies, Meg and Shar and is loosely based on the Greek mythology of Hades. When the girls do get together at a shoe sale, the worst happens when they fight over a pair of shoes and somehow shove a guy onto the subway tracks. As the Lord of the Underworld, Hades forces the girls into service as Sirens to bring a soul whose time is up to answer for their misdeed. The girls are given powers to help them with their quest. Now these girls must now work together AND for a man they begin to loathe just sets up a wonderful tale. Oh, and shoes, did I mention shoes? Since the guy they are set up to bring back to the Underworld is deaf and blind, Meg's beautiful voice is wasted while Shar's enchantments are totally worthless. The gift of transformation into birds (yes, and you though sirens were just mermaids!), is worth the price of the book alone. Meg is the smart one on the surface but don't think Shar is just a pretty package. Meg's love of vintage captured my heart. Shar is all about name brands (lots are dropped) and she also has brains but her overt love of fashion seems to outweigh them sometimes. Oh, how i loved these characters and the humor that is bestowed upon them. Of course things really spark when all of the gods get involved with their efforts. The plot speeds along and is pretty clean which is a good start for even the youngest teens to enjoy. There may be some worry over a few of Hades tricks but if they have survived Twilight, it will be a non issue. The element of the girls working together even though they don't want to is a nice twist and the fact that by working together is that it increases their ability to succeed. I have read a few books about Sirens recently (Of Poseidon by Anna Banks and Wake by Amanda Hocking) and this one really hits the mark. I now have another series to recommend to reluctant readers along with Marlene Perez (Dead is), Kelly McClymer (Salem) and Alyson Noel (Riley Bloom).

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