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Original Sin (Personal Demons Series #2)

Original Sin - Lisa Desrochers I am going to try and keep this as spoiler free as I can. I had wanted to put a lot more into this review but didn't feel it was fair to spill the beans this far out from the book's release date.At the end of Personal Demons, Luc is turned human somehow by Frannie, although no one is quite sure exactly how it happened. Luc seems to think it was because of Frannie's sway, her power to guide people mentally and bend towards her will. The crux of the issue is that Frannie can still be swayed herself to good or evil, but Frannie favors the good. (YAY!)Since Luc is now a former demon, his old demon buddies are now after him and Frannie since the evil doers have much use for Frannie and her ability to sway people. The demons are downright hilarious and bumbling along with their evil intentions to get Luc back into hell and therefore control Frannie. What the demons don't count on is Gabe. What Frannie doesn't count on is her feelings for Gabriel. Yep, we are back to square one with good versus somewhat evil. And Gabe doesn't count on Frannie's sway actually working on him. One tidbit: we find out Frannie's family history that helps explain her predicament.There is a lot of action and emotions that run rampant through the story. I really enjoyed this one as much as the first one. This is killing me that I can't just spill the whole thing, but I will say it is amazing and you need to preorder it now since you will want to read it the second it comes out. My biggest problem now is that again I am left waiting for the next one in the series and I am super impatient about that. Yes, it did end with another cliff hanger, sorry!

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