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Skinny Bitch in Love

Skinny Bitch in Love - Kim Barnouin MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITClementine has just about hit the pinnacle of being a vegan chef, when at only twenty-six, she is sent in to cook for the ill chef and THE main LA critic is coming into review the restaurant. All goes well until she is sabotaged by a fellow worker who adds a bit of unauthorized butter into a sauce. The whole staff is fired and Clem in blackballed. Not wanting to give up her Santa Monica lifestyle, she decides to start a cooking school and meal service. Her first client is the guy who dumped her six months ago and she gets another shock when she shows up and his fiancee meets her at the door of her dream home. As Clem winds her way through descriptions of food and the different men she meets in her quest for the right ones, you learn a bit about the vegan lifestyle and how it might work for you.When the site where Clem had dreamed about opening her own cafe is rented to serve as a steak house, she goes a bit ballistic. She storms right over to confront the owner, Zach, who of course turns out to be just right for her. Even though their different backgrounds and life philosophies are completely different, they do seem to work it all out. Her roommate Sarah is a real kick and serves as a "project" for Clem to help prove just how good her lifestyle can be for one's body since Sarah does end up losing weight and feeling better. This is dialogue driven snark so you know how much I enjoyed this! It is a well written beachy, chick-lit read and I can see this as a series as Clem helps convert more people to the vegan lifestyle.

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