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Once (Eve Trilogy Series #2)

Once - Anna Carey THOUGHTSLOVED IT***slight spoilers***Once picks up right where Eve left off. Eve is now in Califia (really San Francisco), and although she can't see Caleb, they find a way and conspire to escape when Eve overhears the women conspire to turn her over to the king of New America. Well, she tries to escape but is captured and taken to the city in the sand (really Las Vegas). She does reunite with Arden right before her escape and Arden is also captured and returned back to the "school" . Eve finally meets the King who pronounces her his daughter (ok--no way to explain my thoughts without this fact) and she is declared the Princess and renamed Genevieve. Trumpets blare, fanfare erupts and Eve throws a hissy fit but at this point she is entitled (literally). Still, Eve is convinced that the King's vision for a New America involves some really shady, dictator like stuff that is truly evil and she wants no part of it except to bring him down. Can you say "major daddy issues"? She escapes the palace (really Cesar's Palace -- bonus points!) and reunites with Caleb after doing some recon and helping out the resistance. So you have the basic Romeo and Juliet plot going on here with some end of world dystopian, science fiction elements. Oh and Eve is forced to marry some rich dude in charge of redevelopment. I have to admit I LOVED this book. I gave the first book, Eve, 5 stars, but this follow up was a bit predicable for me. Even though I read it straight though and it really help my attention, some of the plot points were a bit convenient. I kept expecting more from Caleb but this book is all about Eve. She doesn't need any knight in shining armor to rescue her and I have high hopes for the third book in the trilogy. I know what I want, now lets see if I get it next year.

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