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The Madman's Daughter

The Madman's Daughter - MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITJuliet has had her life turned upside down by her father who abandon her mother when she was a young child. Her mother made do, barely surviving until Juliet turned sixteen and then died of consumption. With no other way to survive, one of her father's coworkers at a medical university helps get her a job as a maid cleaning up the surgery. She must deal with a doctor who would like to get to "know" her better and all of the other medical student with whom she has superior knowledge of physiology. The scandal that caused her father to leave was that he was conducting vivisection. Just when Juliet has enough, her childhood friend and her father's protege, Montgomery, appears back in her life and she discovers that her father is still alive. She demands that he take her to the island where her father is now living. Yes, the Island of Dr. Moreau! This heavenly Victorian Gothic plays fast and heavy. I adored the movie (in all campyness) and this is a great take on the story. You get all the creepiness through Juliet's eyes as she unravels just what her father has been doing in his experiments. Of course, everything goes awry and Juliet must decide exactly what is wrong and right in this island world. Of course, there is a set up for the obligatory love triangle between her childhood sweetheart of Montgomery and a rescued from the sea Edward. Edward doesn't appear to be too truthful to me, so I have to read the next book to see if my instincts are correct in this matter. There is also the matter of her father's "creations" and at the end, there is an amazing twist I didn't see coming. For that alone, you need to read this book. Parents: There is some kissing, some full fledged horror here and a bit of violence.

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