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The Dark and Hollow Places (Forest of Hands and Teeth Series #3)

The Dark and Hollow Places - Carrie Ryan **slight spoilers -- don't read the beyond the first paragraph!**This was such a wonderful conclusion to this series. I didn't expect it to end this way, but it slowly built up to the ending and everything seemed to fall into place. There, did I pique your interest? I am trying not to give anything away, so I will just say that those of you who adore this series will not be disappointed with this last book in the series. To me, this was the best of the series.There is a lot of action and cliff hangers built into the majority of chapters and it was a really quick read for me. Annah and Gabry, along with Elias and Catcher fight there way through the forest and this lands them in the Dark City where Annah and Gabry come face to face finally. There appears to be a love quadrangle between the four of them through out most of this book and the conclusion of that will be twist you won't forget.The first two books have little clues about the outcome of the book, so be sure to take note. I reread the first two books, to remember everything. One of the downfalls of having a series spaced out a year apart is that you can forget the details that turn out to an important factor in the outcome. This is just a beautifully written series that should appeal to older teens and adults. I am sad to see it go, but there was a little bit of an opening to possibly have another one. Maybe? PLEASE!

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