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Long Drive Home

Long Drive Home - Will Allison Glen writes his daughter, Sara, a letter explaining what went wrong in his marriage to Liz and the events that lead up to their divorce. The letter is interspersed with the story of that time period. In a way, Glen is asking his daughter for forgiveness and trying to make thing right when he lies and tries to make her believe that the accident she witnessed as a six year old didn't happen the way it really did. Glen and his wife try to cover up his involvement in the accident by lying to the police when questioned about exactly how the accident occurred. I just really got a uneasy feeling from the actions of both these characters, especially his lawyer wife, Liz, who immediately wants a divorce to protect their assets. In parts, this book really creeped me out.The crux of the whole story centers around the accident where Glen tries to scare a wreckless driver by swerving a bit in front of him to stop his erratic speeding and instead the car rolls, killing the teen driver. Sara sitting in the backseat remembers details but not everything, she knows just enough to really incriminate her father. The main part that really bothered me about this accident is that, yes, Glen is partially at fault for the accident, but it would have not been as severe or even avoided, if the teen had been driving safely. The police who question him really seem to be out to get him since they know he is lying. Glen also is incredibly immature and this is shown in great detail when he stalks another driver who threatens him after a previous run in right before the accident. The story really brings to light how little things can add up to create a monsterous problem.

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