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Hexbound - Chloe Neill **slight spoilers**So, at the end of Firespell, we learn that Lily does indeed have magical powers and they are above and beyond what even she could have imagined. She quickly learns that there are risks to having powers. Those stakes are raised when she has a meet up with the local vampire gangs and becomes the center of what may become all out war. The Reapers are now after her as well.There is wonderful and witty dialogue that will have you rereading parts just to make sure you don't miss any snappy comebacks that are being flung about between Lily and Scout. How I wish my high school was that cool. Lily also discovers that her parents may be hiding more than they are telling her and the school administration may be in on it as well. I can't wait for the next one! This is pretty clean fun. Some inter-species kissing, a few choice words and I don't remember if there is any drug or alcohol issues, so it must not be that prevalent.Now how long before I can read the next one?

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