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Wicked Beat (The Sinners on Tour)

Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITEric, finally we get to Eric, the drummer in The Sinners and this story is the one that seems filled with the most pain, not physical but lots of mental pain in both main characters. Rebekah's brother, long-time sound man, David, has been injured in a tour bus accident and can no longer do sound, so he recruits his little sister who has just completed school and seems to have a gift for finding the right mix. She is such a sweet person and does everything she can to please her extreme Christian mother but going on the road with a rock band has earned her contempt and disdain. Ok, that was putting it mildly, since her mother pretty much says Reb will burn in hell. She also has a deep, dark secret with her health since she is a recent cancer survivor and must face the fact that she can no longer have children which is pretty much a deal breaker with most guys. Drummers are at the top of my list when it comes to musicians since they have the smallest egos. They also have the most hang ups and Eric has issues in spades. Mostly, he is quick on the trigger and can't seem to keep a girlfriend because of this. It could also be that he doesn't try, well, at least until he meets Reb. These two have an instant connection but both hold back because of their issues. It isn't until Reb takes the initiative and forced Eric to face his fears. Sigh, even though this book wasn't at the top of my chart in the series, it is still a wonderful edition and completes it. I will be sad to let these guys go. Overall, I wish the middle of the story had been moved to the beginning since I didn't connect with Reb until then. Everything clicked at that point and I got my HEA at the end.

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