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Double Time: Sinners on Tour

Double Time - Olivia Cunning MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITLove fixes everything. Trey is still pining over his high school crush and has meaningless flings with anyone who comes his way. So when his brother's band is looking for a new guitarist and it ends up as a contest, he cute-meets a tomboy that has killer skills - both with a guitar and otherwise. Reagan is a musical wonderkind that is still a bit unsure of her talent and even more unsure of her own desires. When the two come together, the spark fly and Trey actually believes Reagan is his perfect match. He thinks that the love of a good woman will keep his need for guys in check. As Reagan goes on tour with the Sinners to get some experience touring, she doesn't quite think she is rock star material. Only Trey and the other guys can convince her otherwise. It was fun to see how much she tries to stay true to herself when management wants to make her over into a rock goddess. The other Sinners' girls rally around her to make her feel more welcome. Everything is starting to get into a groove when it appears she has a stalker. Her former lover and current roommate, Ethan, is hired as her security. Ethan and Trey also have an immediate attraction to each other. Wow! I still can't believe how hot and romantic this whole menage thing worked out in this story. For all of it's explicitness, the story that weaves the sexiness together is the perfect foil. Yeah, parts were a bit forced but it all works to a wonderful and sweet know, happily ever after. So, in this third installment of the Sinners, I can only say, that everything is put together in such a fabulous way that works and now I can't wait for another book. This book should fulfill your wildest rock star dreams.

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