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Always Something There to Remind Me

Always Something There to Remind Me - Elizabeth Harbison It is usually a bad sign when someone asks to marry you and the first thing that pops into your mind is the name of your first boyfriend. Erin Edwards has found the perfect guy after being alone since her daughter's father passed away and surviving alone as a single mother. Rick is the total package, but Erin finds there is some spark missing, so when he asks her to marry him, she doesn't say yes. She doesn't say no either.The story flips back and forth between present time and the 1980's, when she was young and in love with Nate, her first boyfriend. I found my emotions flipping back and forth as well. Is Nate really the right guy for her or is Rick a better match? So when fate throws Nate back into her life, she remembers what had transpired between them and that magical time of her first love. The chemistry that happens when Erin and Nate reconnect is just spectacular. Of course there is a wrench in the mix, Nate is married to one of her BFFs from high school, Theresa, who seems to be a total perfect package herself. It was really wonderful to see the two of them work through their individual issues and with the help of Cam, Erin's daughter, comes to the perfect conclusion.I love Beth Harbison's writing and was a fan from the start when I first read the Shoe Addicts Anonymous in my Chick Lit book group. The minor details of Erin's job as an event coordinator at a hotel really add dimension to the story and provides a great deal of humor. As Erin puts together a MTV type Sweet Sixteen party for Roxanne, the surly and spoiled teen is pitch perfect and even helps Erin get some perspective on her own life. I read this book straight through and it is something you need to take with you to the beach and just get away from everything.

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