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All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever Wanted - Kristan Higgins LOVED ITThis is my first book by Kristin Higgins and it won't be my last. I really enjoyed getting to know Callie and at times I wanted to yell at her like you yell at the screen during a horror movie, "Don't Go There!" or "You Better Watch Out!" but this is a story of Callie finding herself and of course she needs to "go there and not watch out". Higgins does a great job developing a relationship between Callie and Mark and after you have yelled, "Don't Go There" she does eventually find romance with Ian, the uptight veterinarian. There is an unexpected pleasure in Callie's grandfather who has some of the best snarky one liners I have ever read. I want a book about him next. Ian doesn't come across as very likable and a little bit mysterious but that does change. I mean, how can a vet be unlovable? I enjoyed the reality of this story as well. There were no forced romantic interludes just to bring up the heat. There are so many little things I enjoyed about this book but the best part is Bowie, Callie's dog. Anyone who has a dog as an important love in a heroine's life is my kind of writer.

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