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The Sweetest Thing (Lucky Harbor Series #2)

The Sweetest Thing - Jill Shalvis This is such a heart-warming, funny and wonderful contemporary romance and no one does it better than Jill Shalvis. The is the second book in the Lucky Harbor series and it can easily stand alone or read before the first in the series, Simply Irresistible. The next sister featured is Tara and in Simply Irresistible, she sort of annoyed me with her toughness. I can understand her reasons for not letting her guard down with her fling at 17 that ended with a child and she ends the relationship. You can really see now that each one of the three sisters unique personalities have something to do with their different fathers. It was also interesting to see the interplay deepen between the girls as well.Tara is keeping up her guard around Ford, who sails into her life (groan, terrible pun since he is a sailor) but somehow runs aground instead of making into the harbor of Tara's heart. (OH, I know, double groan, but I couldn't resist.) Things heat up when Tara's ex is back in town and out to win her back. I am not going to tell you how it ends up, but I have never had so many emotions while reading a romance. This one made me laugh a lot and shed a few tears. Sigh, and now we will have to wait until December to read about Chloe. Don't these girls have some cousins? I really like Lucky Harbor and hate to think this series is over after Chloe.PS -- Just be thankful I didn't go overboard (ah- got you agian) with cooking puns for Tara like I wanted to since her and Ford made it too hot to be in the kitchen together once they mixed it all up.

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