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Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love - Jill Shalvis MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITI love the location of Lucky Harbor and was hoping that Shalvis would continue on with others in the locale and I got my wish. The main sisters and barely mentioned in this latest edition but the local busy bodies are all present and accounted for. This latest installment introduces us to Mallory, a nurse at the local hospital who takes care of everybody else except herself. Ty is the new guy in town and Mallory wants to expand her horizons a bit but she doubts herself especially when the aforementioned meddlers put in their two cents. The chemistry between the two are palpable and even when everyone paints Ty as a bad guy for Mallory, she wants an adventure and follows her heart for a change. Of course, Mallory realizes that Ty is fun but that she wants more from him since he can't make a commitment, she decides to move on. There are lots of little roadblocks on the way to the happiness between the two, most of which are created by communication -- either too much from the outside world and miscommunication between the two of them. I really am glad that the author found more characters to write about in this wonderful little seaside resort. There are two more books coming in quick succession this June and July, so stay tuned!

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