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Wicked Nights

Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITZacharel has lost his heavenly army and must now rule a group of fallen angels that resort to their basest instincts. He is still pure and even though he is a ruthless fighter, he believes in the good of man. Sent to protect Annabelle, locked away in a mental institution, battling demons that are fighting for her very soul. Um, I hate to use this word, but she is literally battling those demons, although no one else can see them. Yeah, and then Paris (you LOTU fans will know him as the lust demon) shows up, so of course he brings out the worst (best?!?) in virginal Zacharel. For those of you expecting a lot of crossover from Gena's other worlds, this is about as far as it goes. Like Gena's other books, expect to get swept up entirely too quickly in this world of good versus evil and then dying when it ends. I have been hoping for an adult series of angels since the young adult market has recently been taken by storm with these creatures. You get all of that mythology along with some really steamy romance that young adult can't touch. Or course, there is the fun, snarky parts of the characters that peak through but not as much as some of Gena's other series. This start seems a bit serious but I am anxious to see where this takes me. Annabelle is one of the best female roles I have read in a long time. I really hope that she will continue to have small roles in upcoming books. Her interaction with Zacharel is really special and her strength after being so abused by demons is just stellar. This new series is a must read for any fan of Gena's previous books.

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