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The Look of Love (The Sullivans, #1)

The Look of Love - Bella Andre MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITFrom the instant I started this book, I was immediately captivated by the Sullivan family. Each member, and there are lots, is given a bit of an introduction at the matriarch's birthday party. This story centers around Chase Sullivan, a world-famous photographer and Chloe Peterson, on the run from an abusive ex-husband. Chase comes upon Chloe after she has totaled her car and while Chase pulls her from the wreckage, the two have an instant connection. Chloe has something inside her that all the gorgeous models in the world don't have: a beautiful inside. While Chloe has sworn never to trust a man again, she finds herself melting to the good guy that Chase is. Seriously, Chase is a really good guy, knowing that she has issues and letting her set the pace. What a refreshing idea!So as Chase gets to know Chloe and the details about her past are revealed, he becomes more intrigued with her. Since the plot develops quickly - and for me believably - you can see that love at first sight does exist. Chloe is just so darn likable and the fact that Chase is convenient, she still doesn't act like a gold digger. This is what makes Andre one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I have been a fan since she started with Ellora's Cave. This new series reminded me a bit of Robyn Carr and her series, well, except with more heat. I know I am glossing over the plot here but I don't want to give anything away.So you know that sparks do fly when these two get together and that old adage "love conquers everything" is the theme here? These two have such depth that is missing in a lot of romance these days. The heat level is appropriate and completely makes sense. One of my biggest issues with everyone jumping on the hot romance train these days is that there is just sex and no story. This has everything perfectly packaged. Just the right amount of each and perfectly balanced with the character development. Yes, you do need to make believe that a guy with hot supermodels thrown at him every day can fall for a girl like Chloe but that is what makes this whole thing the perfect romance for summer.

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