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Here I Go Again

Here I Go Again - Jen Lancaster My ThoughtsLoved ITLissy Ryder is a sharp tongued viper and rules her high school with her quick cuts and it doesn't hurt that she is cheer captain, homecoming queen and the best dresser. Of course, everyone knew a Lissy in high school. That b*tch that really made your life miserable. You really hope that karma comes back to bite them on the butt. Well, karma does come back to get her and it isn't pretty. Twenty years later, Lissy is a PR hack, her marriage to the high school prom king is faltering and her three hour "meetings" where she tans and trains finally all catch up to her. She is fired, her husband leaves her and she finds herself back in her childhood room. As she hatches a plan to launch her own PR firm and is angling to get the boy-next-door's mega online business as a client, she heads to her high school reunion. Instead, she ends up drunk and her long enduring BFF, Nicole, dumps her at the hotel. One of her schoolmates takes pity on her even though she was abused by Lissy. Now a successful tranquility coach and alternative therapist, Deva gives her a potion that lets her travel back to her high school days for a re-do. Part Mean Girls and Back to the Future, Lissy time trips three times until she gets it right and gets to have a kind of pick your own adventure where she gets to try out different endings until just like Goldilocks, she gets it just right! Oh, if you have ever read any of Lancaster's earlier books, a few of these situations look like they are ripped right out of reality. I really wanted to psychoanalyze and match up Lissy to Lancaster's memoirs. This is a fun read with many memorable lines but parts of it really drove me up the wall. I did have to put it down a few times since it was so over the top. Over all, this is a perfect beach book.

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