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Irresistible - Liz Bankes MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITMia is waiting on the results for her test scores to see which college she will be able to attend. In the meantime, she takes a job as a waitress in a swanky resort located in a castle and owned by a very wealthy family in England. Of course, as Mia soon finds out, the rich play differently. Jamie, the son of the owner, Julia, has a boat load of entitlement issues. He and his friends love to cause problems for anyone who slights his group. Cleo, his exotic girlfriend, play cruel games with others going to far as to break up marriages, hack web pages, and generally smear the reputations of anyone who causes them perceived slight. At the restaurant, Mia is falling for Dan, who is assigned to kitchen as a busboy. Her BFF, Gabi, is constantly relaying gossip about Jamie and his group that appear online. As Mia gets drawn into Jamie's inner circle, she finds herself becoming very attracted to him and willing to go to great lengths to get his attention. The pair run hot and cold and Mia finds herself in quite a few compromising positions fueled by alcohol.Dan always seems to be there for her, trying to pick her up when Jamie and his friends try to ruin her formerly good life by hacking her Facebook page. It quickly dawns of Mia that these people are truly evil but she is so consumed by lust for Jamie that all of her reasoning and logic seems to fly out the window. Her step-father, Jeff, tries to reason with her about her erratic behavior and of course, she shuts him down and blames everything on him since he is not her "real father". Jeff patiently waits for her to come to her senses and is there for her when her world falls apart. Gabi and Dan also try to help her through this awful period where Jamie and his friend viciously attack her online.If you think this plot seems a bit familiar, it is a take on Dangerous Liaisons. This is not my normal cup of tea and when I first started, I thought I would just put it down after a few pages. I did put it down, four hours later when I finished it. Yes, it was that compelling and full of delicious twists and turns. This was just a bunch of evil fun and I noticed on Amazon that it looks like there may be a follow up in August called Seduced, which I will definitely check out. Parents: this is best suited for older teens and please note that this takes place in England where the drinking age is eighteen and teens can drink with an adult at meals.

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