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A Trick of the Light

A Trick of the Light - Lois Metzger MY THOUGHTS:ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITMike Welles is a responsible teen, he plays baseball, has good friends and makes decent grades. Then, the unthinkable happens, his parents marriage starts falling apart and with it, his world. One by one, he pushes his friends away and withdraws. Mike starts stress eating and packs on a few pounds. Amber, a girl he has known since kindergarten, reaches out to him, telling him slyly about how she handles her home issues by controlling what she can: her appetite. Through his eating, Mike learns to gain control over one part of his life, while the rest of it disintegrates. As Mike finds himself loosing control over his home life, his disease takes over, speaking to him and dominating all of his thoughts. Even though he doesn't realize it, friends and teachers have contacted his parents about how much Mike has changed. For all their faults, his parents really do care and when they see what is happening to him, they get him help. The voice of his anorexia makes it so easy for Mike to disconnect and almost fold back into himself as he stops eating. Sent to a hospital for eating disorders, he finally quiets the voice in his head.This book is amazingly heart-wrenching and told in such a quiet way, that you it makes you realize how insidiously an eating disorder can sneak up on some one. I really liked Mike and he was very sympathetic in that you could see his world unravel and the unique voice he has since most books about eating disorders are written from a female protagonist's point of view. I hadn't realize that so many males deal with this issue until I read the acknowledgements and did a bit of research to find that there are a lot of guys with this problem. Parents: This is an important read for everyone and yes, even though it is about a very sad topic, it contains a lot of important messages and should spark some wonderful discussions.

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