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Star Crossed (Stargazer)

Star Crossed - Jennifer Echols MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITWendy is almost fired after one of her PR clients commits suicide after battling drugs. As the go-to girl for difficult stars that are going off the rails and rehab their reputations as well as get them cleaned up. The rival firm in New York has been stealing their clients and Wendy has a special dislike for Daniel, who runs the firm. They have been almost arch-enemies since college when Daniel stole a prestigious award right out from under her. Of course, the two have chemistry and then some.In Wendy's attempt to save her career, she takes on a hard-to-handle singer known for tweeting pics of her unmentionables. While Daniel is repping her boyfriend, and actor known for his partying and temper. The two have a memorable meet in Las Vegas where stars are to host an MTV-like awards show where they concoct a plan to publicly reunite the stars and save everyone's careers. It almost goes according to plan, except the fake wedding Daniel and Wendy propose actually ends up with them getting married.I adore anything Jennifer Echols writes and her new adult series is the perfect essence of chick lit populated by somewhat darker characters than is typical of the genre. There is plenty of humor involved as well. I really wanted to SWOON when Wendy and Daniel finally had that AH-HA where they realized they were in love and lust. I really can't wait until Playing Dirty is released in October, 2013 to get the scoop on Sarah.

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