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The Truth About Letting Go (The Truth, #2)

The Truth About Letting Go - Leigh Talbert Moore MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITAshley's heart is broken when her father passes away and her perfect world comes tumbling down, at least to her. In her anger, she turns her back on everything and would love to destroy everything that seems false to her now. Charlotte thinks Ashley lives a perfect life and would love to be in her shoes not realizing that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. So Ashley decides to do everything out of her comfort zone. She falls in with the rough and tumble boy, Colt, who is probably not her best choice in a guy but very attractive. Jordan, honest to a fault, is a good guy but not exactly Ashley's first choice.With this mix of characters, Moore builds a believable world with characters that will speak to you and evoke some serious emotions. There are some heartbreaking and heartwarming moments here. I admit I wanted to tell Ashley to grown up a bit by the end of the book and I am so glad she listened to me. I really enjoyed this quick and easy read. I think this is best suited for teens due to some amazing kisses that were a little on the hotter side. SIGH.

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