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Dare You To

Dare You To - Katie McGarry THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITBeth has relied on her friend Isaiah to keep her grounded and out of trouble, so when she takes the fall for her mother and abusive boyfriend, her aunt Shirley calls her father's brother, Scott, to bail her out of jail. Scott drags her off to small town Groveton, her parents' home town from Louisville and she must now start a new school. The week before her world shatters, she becomes the focus of a dare at a Taco Bell between some high school jocks. Beth takes their dare and turns it on its head. Never imaging that she would ever see these guys again, she plays them and get one of them to buy her food. We briefly met Beth in Pushing the Limits since Echo started going out with Noah, who lived with her aunt. Moving in with Scott and his wife, Allison, Beth doesn't like the rules they set since she never had any rules, other than keeping her mother and herself alive and with a place to live. Her life really explodes when she comes face to face with they guy she plays at the Taco Bell. Ryan has what seems the perfect life: a stable home with parents, friends and a truck. As Beth fights back from conforming, Ryan keeps on making contact with her since he can't get her out of his mind. When Scott asks Ryan to help Beth maneuver the high school, he doesn't hesitate accepting, but Beth wants nothing to do with him until she figures out that he is her ticket to freedom. Well, I only cried twice while reading this one, since I think I was in tears for most of Pushing the Limits. I know there are so many damaged kids out there and this reminds me a lot of kids I knew growing up. With a drug addict for a mother, Beth tried to be the mother but as a teen she is not mature enough to handle the responsibility but does it anyway since she doesn't know any other life. Ryan makes an excellent counterpoint to her since on the surface, it seems like his life is perfect but it is almost as messed up as Beth's. He does have more stability at home though. This book can easily stand alone but really enjoyed get little snippets of how Echo is faring. The next book is supposed to pick up on Isaiah's story which will be interesting and a novella about Lila, Echo's best friend in April, 2013. Parents: this is for more mature teens since there is drinking, drug use, sexual situations but they are all dealt with in a realistic manner.

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