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Letters To Nowhere

Letters To Nowhere - Julie Cross MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITElite gymnast, Karen has just learned both of her parents were killed in an accident. She only has a few months to go before Nationals and then on to the Olympics. Her grandmother comes quickly, but Karen has never been close to her and convinces her that she would like to stay with her coach who assumes responsibility for her. Moving in a daze, she writes letters to her newly deceased parents while working her way through grief and a horrible situation. Never having to deal with the opposite sex much, she comes face to face with Jordan, her coach's teen age son. The connection between Jordan and Karen is almost immediate and Jordan has the ability to pull her out of what could be a horrible spiral into grief. He brings a bit of comic relief into a situation that could really be sad. Jordan also brings her out of dealing with her issues by facing them instead of her constant work out schedule. The back story of elite gymnasts really show the amount of dedication and self sacrifice that these athletes have. Jordan's father, Coach Bentley is one of those rare adults that see if Karen couldn't realize her goal, she would fall even deeper into downward spiral. This is just such a feel good book that shows while things are out of our control, with help from special people, you can rise above.

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