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Sisters Red

Sisters Red - Scarlett can give Buffy a run for her money in the kicking butt department and she is teaching her younger sister, Rose, to hunt the Fenris (werewolves) after she is injured and loses an eye to one. Their neighbor, Silas, is a woodsman and quite handy with an ax and he joins in their hunt for revenge on the werewolves. The story is told by each girl in alternating chapters and shows how each of the girls develop their own personality even though they are one heart in two pieces. Scarlett is all about the hunt while Rosie is a bit timid with all things. Things between the two girls start to change when Silas, the neighborhood woodsman, comes into the picture when they move to Atlanta to try and kill more wolves than they can reach in the small rural town they live in.Things change when Rosie starts to become more independent with Silas' help and Scarlett realizes she is losing her to Silas. There is a lot of action, some gruesome, in the story but overall, it is done with a light touch. I love the strength that Scarlett portrays and how Rosie starts to develop her own personality over her somewhat overbearing sister. Silas, in a twist I didn't see coming, shows much maturity and courage that the story needs to move forward. This should be a must read for mash up fairy tale fans and other than some violent images and a bit of kissing, there is not much for parents to worry about.

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