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Between the Sea and Sky

Between the Sea and Sky - Jaclyn Dolamore Esmerine has just turned 16 and becomes a siren which is a step up in the mer world and she looks forward to collecting tribute from ships with her sister, Dosinia. Dosia, as she is nicknamed, doesn't meet her sister at the rock where they are to work. Esmerine becomes worried and discovers her sister has run away to live with a human mate. While not unheard of, a mermaid who does this is considered dead to her family and Esmerine just can't give up on her sister. With her parent's blessing she tries to discover her sister's fate and hope for her happiness. By accident, she finds her childhood friend, Alandare, who is a Faransee, a person who has wings and can fly, working in a book store owned by a former mermaid. And books are key to this book! When Esmerine first meets Alan as children he teaches her to read and write and she develops a love for books that becomes her driving force.Alan helps Emerine track down her sister and you can sense the bond between the two. It is much more than romance, but so sweetly done that you will be sad when this one ends. I immediately liked Esmerine and Alan and the story between the two. This just isn't a mermaid tale, but one of young love filled with magic and light. The world of humans, mermaids and humans intersecting so easily and believably will make you want to read more about it. Dolamore creates a complete fairy tale in a no fuss way and the pacing is perfect. I read this one straight through in a few hours and now I am waiting until her next book, Magic Under Stone is released. Can't we just force her to stay at her computer and write?

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