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Prom and Prejudice

Prom and Prejudice - This is a wonderful retake on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, one of my favorite books. The story almosts sticks to the traditional and witty original of class and age warfare between Lizzy and the rich kids at a private school. Eulberg deftly portrays teen angst although this version isn't as intense as the original since these teens will get a more than once chance at love and their whole lives are not on the line like the original. Lizzy is a scholarship student at an all girls' school and her only friends are the other scholarship students, Jane and Charlotte. Jane drags them to a reception at the local boys' school and there they meet Will Darcy and Charles Bingley. The girls are subjected to mean girl hazing and typical bad behavior.The story centers around prom and all of the drama that ensues. The plot points are simplified but the major ones are hit: Jane falls sick and the trip to the Bingley's turns into a ski trip. I really thought this was well done with the clever repartee that Austen is famous for. Over all if you enjoy remakes, this one should please you although instead of marriage as the end game, the goal becomes the prom. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

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