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Strings Attached

Strings Attached - Kit Corrigan wants to follow her dream to be a dancer on Broadway when she moves to New York from Providence, RI at seventeen. She is one of the Corrigan Three, triplets, that become regionally famous when multiple births are scarce. Her boyfriend, Billy, has just enlisted in the army to serve in the Korean war with her other triplet and they are both underage. Billy's father, Nate, has offered Kit an apartment to stay in while in New York with hopes that she will marry Billy before he leaves. Nate also gets Kit a job as a Lido Girl dancing in the chorus and offers her the use of his apartment.In exchange for these things, Kit finds several strings attached to this arrangement. She is asked to spy on guests at the Lido, exchange suitcases with mysterious men and other actions which make Kit more than uncomfortable. When a man is murdered in the club, Kit's picture is splashed all over the newspapers as Nate's girlfriend. Nate is the lawyer of choice to defend those related to organized crime. Kit feels remorse for her actions that may have caused the man to be killed. This is Kit's turning point and she and Billy argue over the details which in turn sends her on a quest to find the true story behind the apartment and the people who lived there before her. There are several more twists and turns in the plot when Kit learns to trust her own feelings and unravels more deep secrets than even she could possible imagine. I really felt Kit was a strong character with lots of growth. Even though this book is directed at young adults since Kit is only 17, she acts more mature than a lot of adults today, so I think that adults will appreciate this as well. If you enjoy Boardwalk Empire, you are going to love the intricate plot that revolves around some shady deals, lurid pasts and a bit of mystery all connected together with romance. I received this book at no expense in exchange for my honest review and you can get more details on my blog, BookHounds.

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