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Radio Shangri-la: What I Learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth

Radio Shangri-la: What I Learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth - Lisa Napoli When the author finds herself at a cross road in her life and receives an invitation to consult a fledgling radio station at the ends of the earth in Bhutan, she takes a giant leap of faith and gets on a plane. Bhutan is known as The Happiest Place on Earth and by the end of her story, you understand why. The people don't worry about what they don't have only about what they do have. No one in the country is homeless, there is no hunger and everyone is given an opportunity to get an education. The monarchy there has a goal to become a democratic society and Napoli, in a small way, is part of the process through the radio station.Radio Kuzoo, named for the Bhutan expression for hello, becomes a hit with the public, especially the youth. There is even an American Idol type competition for Valentines Day. I think that was the most shocking event since this Buddhist country celebrated it and knew what American Idol was. The country has been cut off from outside media until 1999. Napoli was worried that the outside forces would have a negative impact on the agrarian society and in a way she is probably right. Lisa Napoli's memoir, Radio Shangri La, goes above and beyond the typical travel monologue. I was utterly fascinated by the people she met and the sights she saw. I was a bit disappointed that there were no pictures at all in the book. Her descriptions of the landscape were awe inspiring and sent me off to google the sites. Her blog does contain a few pictures, so be sure to check those out since they help bring the story to life.

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