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Firespell (Dark Elite Series #1)

Firespell (Dark Elite Series #1) - This is a very quick and enjoyable read. Chloe Neill definitely knows how to craft the perfect spell of a book. Everything is paced perfectly and the characters are likable, even the villains. This story doesn't get too much into the bad guys here since the characters are being developed for the series. The story is pretty much G rated. There is a little bit of violence, but nothing worse than a Saturday morning cartoon. The banter between characters is a blast and several of the lines will have you cribbing them for further use of your own.Lily is dumped in boarding school by her parents without much warning and when she lands at St. Sophie's, she becomes friends with her roommate, Scout. There is wonderful chemistry between the two and Lily quickly discovers that the school and her friend have some dark secrets. Lily soon discovers that her own family has some secrets as well. (You will get to more of that in the second book, HexBound.) Of course, there is all of the high school drama played out as well. Fans of Marlene Perez's Dead Is series are going to love this one!

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