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Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann This story really struck a chord with me. My son and husband both have OCD and they both use similar coping skills that Kendall does. The story is definitely Twilight Zone Worthy. It has that same creepy feel that resides in the television show. McMann gets right to the point and doesn't waste words as she creates a world in which the improbable can become true. You could really feel Kendall's distress when she cannot go through her coping mechanisms and that throws her into a panic. Kendall is the core of the story and when her somewhat boyfriend Nico starts acting strange and then disappears like her friend Tiffany, the story comes to a head. Kendall notices that the desk both Tiffany and Nico sat at appears to have messages written on it. The messages direct Kendall and the new boy in town, Jacian to solve the puzzle. This is a wonderful read and those that enjoy psychological mysteries will enjoy it. I think this is probably best suited for older teens since there is some violence mentioned.

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