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Veracity - Laura Bynum The world revolves around words and this post apocalypic story really reminded me a great deal of 1984 in that the certain words are forbidden. I felt that parts of this book already are true because of the political correctness that the world is facing today and how words can be used as weapons. This is a good spooky tale and perfect for a rainy day read in front of a fireplace. I think what makes it so scary is that elements of this fantasy are happening today.Overall this is an excellent science fiction story and one that I will probably reread which is rare for me. I know I missed a few things because I found myself going back through the book since the storyline was told in flashbacks and flashforwards. I thought that it was a little too descriptive in parts and could have been edited down a bit, but this is probably just my own personal issue and not the way it was written

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