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Falling Under

Falling Under - **slight spoilers**I totally got wrapped up in this one. The story about Theia and Haden is a new take on the paranormal romances that are directed at teens these days. I am sure you can tell be the description that Theia is human and Haden is something else. There are no faeries, werewolves or vampires to be found which is a nice change of pace. The writing is very lyrical and captivating. It has a slow beginning but quickly picks up after 50 pages. I think part of the problem was with Theia and how she wasn't acting like a normal almost 16 year old girl would act. This issue resolved itself nicely.As Theia nears her birthday, she dreams about a boy and when she sees the boy in school she has an immediate connection to him. Things develop and become more dreamlike even while she is awake. Her father is pretty much absent and like a Disney story, good and evil come out to play. There is even the wicked mother of her beloved to contend with as well! The ending did leave me wondering if there will be another book to follow up some unanswered questions. There are some scenes of heavy petting, mild language and alcohol use-- well, I think it was alcohol, do they have alcohol in hell?

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