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Bewitching: The Kendra Chronicles

Bewitching (Kendra Chronicles) - Alex Flinn MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITIf you read Beastly, you will remember Kendra was the witch that had a very important supporting role. Kendra is an immortal witch and her story starts out with a retelling of Hansel and Gretel (my first two dachshunds!) where Kendra and her brother are the only survivors in her family after the plague wipes out most of her town. The story weaves back and forth between a Cinderella in current times with bits and pieces of her earlier existence during the early 1700 and the French Court and a sweet story about the Princess and the Pea. She is always trying to help people and do good with her powers but through the ages, she finds that sometimes things don't turn out how she would like them to. Her latest project is Emma and her step sister who is truly evil and out to ruin Emma's life. Kendra sees this and tries to help Emma cope with the ugly center of her beautiful step sister. The story also make a side trip to visit the Titanic and place The Little Mermaid on board. This one does not have a happy ending. Then it is back to current times where Emma has figured out exactly who Kendra is and that is a witch. Emma tries not to take advantage of Kendra's powers as her own personal fairy godmother which is a really nice touch. I really loved how everything in the story meshed together to create a cohesive story. The character of Emma is nicely done and I adored the fact that she was a bookworm which works in her favor for a change! I was really cheering for Emma through all her trials and would love to read more about her. Overall, this should appeal to younger teens since there are things happening in the book that occur in their everyday life like having to deal with the mean girls at school, first love and not feeling good about yourself. There are mentions of drinking, allusions to sex but mostly stuff that kids see on television today.

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