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Emory's Gift

Emory's Gift - W. Bruce Cameron Much like A Dog's Purpose, Emory's Gift explores reincarnation. Shortly after 13-year-old Charlie's mom dies from cancer, he is walking in the woods near his home in Idaho and comes face to face with a cougar. Just when the cougar is ready to pounce, it backs off and Charlie finds himself staring down a grizzly bear. Instead of being attacked, Charlie finds himself making a connection with the bear, which follows him home. The bear sticks around and starts to communicate with Charlie. The story unfolds around their relationship and what happens is nothing short of a leap of faith. The bear has a simple message of faith to deliver which of course causes a commotion in the small town.The message of this story, while a bit religious, is something that will fill you with hope. It left me feeling very happy and hopeful. There is a lot of quiet humor in the book as well and the portrayal of Charlie as a teen is just perfect. The page turning moment hit me around page 200. The story just clicked and I became so caught up, I couldn't put it down until I finished it. This is a good clean read and is probably suitable for older teens.

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