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The Chaos of Stars

The Chaos of Stars - Kiersten White THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITSo what do you do when your mother, Isis is THE goddess of life and your father, Osiris, is THE god of death? As a sixteen year old, Isadora wants nothing more than for her parents that she literally worships, to pay attention to her. She also has epic family issues that make a soap opera look like child's play. Her aunt slept with her father and she has a half-brother, Anubis, who is all evil from that union. Her oldest brother is married to a drunken slut. Oh, and her mother has tried to kill the sun god, father of them all and has somewhat succeeded. When Isadora discovers that the room she has been decorating is actually her tomb, she freaks and has a major melt down when she realizes she is not immortal like her parents. Added to this, she has been having horrible dreams and her mother is also having them.When her mother decides that she must go away, Isadora gets her unspoken wish and she is sent to her closest brother, Sirius, in San Diego. Her mother has also arranged a job for her at the local museum to display some of her mother's things, that Isadora describes as cast-offs, but in reality are priceless artifacts. There she meets Tyler, a girl who turns out to be something she never thought she would ever have: a BFF. Yes, Isadora is up on all the latest trends but has never experiences any of them in person. She also meets a sullen poet, Ry, short for Orion, the constellation she was born under. Ry quickly becomes the focus of all of her thoughts but since she feels that nothing is permanent, why should she ever fall in love? Even if the boy is handsome as a Greek god and makes her melt inside?This is such a wonderful retelling of Egyptian mythology mixed with a bit of Greek. There is such a humorous undertone to White's writing that I just adore. Even though the background of the story revolves around ancient myths this is really a contemporary romance. There is also a mystery going on around Isadora and her family's power struggles. This just has the right balance of both to keep your interest and make this a super fast read. Parents: this is really acceptable for even pre-teens since there is no language issues, only a few kisses and a few instances of violence, which is less that what is on cartoons these days.

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