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Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe

Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe - Shelley Coriell MY THOUGHTSREALLY LIKED IT*** spoilers ***Chloe is a typical teen, has a few really close friends and is generally happy and upbeat. Known for her ability to make others laugh and make everyone have a good time, she is dumbfounded when her absolute best friend Brie has spread a vicious sexual rumor about her and her school counselor when Chloe wins the Mistletoe Crown instead of her at the winter formal. Her other bestie, Mercedes sides with Brie and helps pass around the rumor. Chloe goes from being on top of the school social ladder to the bottom rung. Chloe rebounds nicely when she is forced to help the school's radio station as part of her junior year project and becomes well liked again.I loved how Chloe found her way right side up in this young adult contemporary tale. I don't know if it is fully a romance, but since she falls in love with Duncan, a guy with a horrible home life, I guess I will have to classify it as one. She also has a wonderful home life with five adoring older brothers and two professional parents. Chloe has a special bond with her grandmother who is experience a deteriorating lifestyle because of Parkinsons disease and can no longer live alone. There are a lot of really nice interactions between the two generations. Duncan is a whole nother mess: his mother is a drug addict and he is trying his hardest to work and go to school with his only outlet as the radio station and Chloe falls hard for him.There is a band of misfits at the radio station and Chloe finds it easy to get through life since her home life is so stable. Her best friends accuse her of not caring or listening to them. Brie's family is going through a divorce and she is losing everything which is the real cause of her starting the rumor. The rumor is the major thing that didn't ring true to me in this day and age. To me, this would have made front page news, especially when one student accuses a teacher of misconduct. Where is the outcry from the adults? There are a few twists and turns to the end with a climatic scene where the radio station is burned down and everyone hates Chloe again. Overall, I found this a quite enjoyable read and look forward to more from this author. There are mentions of drugs and alcohol and some normal kissing, so it is a pretty safe read for younger teens and should bring up some good discussion points.

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