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Struck - Jennifer Bosworth MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITIf you grew up in LA like I did, you fear earthquakes, well, not so much fear them as accept them as a fact of life. You know one is going to hit sometime, you just don't know when. Lightening strikes are much less of a concern since near the beach, the storms are at a minimum. Mia and her family are forced to move from Lake Havasu to Venice Beach when she creates a stir by harming a man during a lightening strike. Her biggest issue is that she craves the strikes like a drug addict and has been struck so many times that her skin is marred to the point she is covered at all times, ashamed to let anyone see. So when the big one hits Los Angeles and unleashes lightening that creates unbelievable energy to the point where no one is sure which happened first, the lightening or the earthquake. Read the rest of my review here:

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