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Over You

Over You - Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin release date 8.21.12MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITMax has been moved almost every year of her life by her journalist mother who now decides she needs to put down roots in order to get into a good college, so she is shipped off to a posh boarding school This doesn't faze Max much since she is adept at joining the in crowd no matter where she ends up by being a chameleon with sure fire methods of adaptation. Except this time, Max has trouble making in roads with the snooty people that exist at St. Something. No one gets her jokes or her, except one guy, and they instantly pair off into coupledom bliss. So when the guy dumps her, she survives by finding a way to capitalize on it and creates EX INC -- a system of survival for the newly dumped. With her two BFFs as employees, she embarks on a career to help out the newly single and herself in getting into NYU, the school of her dreams. Then her ex shows up in New York and all of Max's girl power suddenly takes a hit so she devises her own Moment to get over him once and for all. With the help of her two employees and new BFFs, Max takes on all of the guys who deal this blow to girls everywhere.There is so much good about this story since it is full of discovering one's self worth and how that guy is just not that important in the big scheme of things. Most girls know exactly the feeling of an almost death when a break up occurs, so it is wonderful to see Max come into her own and build on that devastating issue while helping others find themselves again. Although Max drops out of high school to overcome the shame she feels at her own meltdown, she does pick herself up and builds on that event to create a new life for herself. That part did bug me, that she had to leave school because of this guy. Overall, this is the perfect antidote for any girl being down about a break up since it approaches it with humor and power. There isn't too much for parents to worry about except some kissing and a few instances of alcohol use.

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