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Fated (Soul Seekers Series #1)

Fated (Soul Seekers Series #1) - MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITAfter being dragged to movie location shoots around the world be her mother, Jennika, Daire, has what appears to be a psychotic break and attacks a teen heartthrob on the set the day of her sixteenth birthday. After freaking out again, Jennika takes Daire to live with her grandmother, Paloma. Daire's parents were never married and she was born when Jennika was only sixteen. Paloma is an American Native healer and brings Daire's health around while teaching her ancient mystical ways. The psychotic break that Daire has been having are actually her seeing on another plane. The story follows Daire and her awakening to these mystical powers and her destined fight to save the community of Enchantment, New Mexico from evil. Basically, this is a story of good versus evil and it says so right in the story. There are two evil twins, Cade and Dace, that were separated at birth and brought up as light and dark. As Daire acclimates to her new environment and powers, she finds a few friends that help her along the way. I really enjoyed the Native American mythology presented along with the story but I almost didn't even start to read this one because of the dense synopsis at the beginning of the book that explained each animal spirit. I did dig in at the first chapter and almost quit again because of the tiny, tiny print of this advance reader copy. I hope that the final print has a more readable size. Ok, those are really nitpicky things but it could have derailed a really good story. This is a much heavier reading experience than Noel's other works of Riley Bloom and the Immortal series. It is a typical teen paranormal romance with a love triangle but the details surrounding it are quite intriguing. I love the character of Xochitl, who is blind but can see far beyond without her vision. The story is pretty fast paced once you get into it. I look forward to the next installment in six months.

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