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Deadly Cool

Deadly Cool - Gemma Halliday Hartley finds her boyfriend cheating on her and with her best friend, Sam, breaks into his locker to get the proof, when she finds the truth, she heads over to his house to confront him and finds...a dead body! With her cheating ex as the leading suspect and his partner is the victim, Hartley decides to help him clear his name, especially when she finds another body and realizes she is next on the list. Josh pretty much goes into hiding, leaving her to do all the heavy lifting to clear his name. Chase, a snarky bad boy, helps Hartley and Sam track down the killer and clear Josh's name. I loved Gemma Halliday's chick lit and she delivers again with this fun and snappy murder mystery geared towards young adults. Hartley is dead on funny, with Chase giving out one liners that you will love to repeat and Sam is the goofy BFF that ties everything together. For those of you looking for a bit of diversion to all the paranormal, fantasy and dystopian thrillers, this should be a nice change of pace. There are enough clues to make you turn the page and everything is perfectly paced, but a little predictable for adults. I loved Hartley voice and I am so glad that there will be another one in this series!

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