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Goodbye for Now

Goodbye for Now - Laurie Frankel MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITComputer programming genius Sam has written THE perfect script for his job at an internet dating site. The only problem: it is too perfect and threatens to put the company out of business since it can match you up with the love of your life with one try. He gets fired for this, but not before he tests it out on himself and finds his soul mate in Meredith, a marketing executive with the same firm. The love is perfectly intense and they quickly move into together. Meredith's grandmother. Livvie, dies suddenly and she wishes she could have said goodbye. Sam comes to the rescue and uses the script he wrote for match making, adjusts it and comes up with something that they nickname "Dead Mail". The mail service, now named DePose, predicts what the deceased would have said based on previous conversations. When the two realize that the program is helping Meredith through her grief they begin to test it on others that are bereaved and hit gold. Everything is going well until the press kicks in and they are painted as profiting from other's grief. Sam's analytical mind can't comprehend the hatred spewed at him by the media and starts to retreat further into himself. Then catastrophe happens and Sam becomes a user of DePose himself. That is as much as I will tell you about the plot. Just to say that this is just gorgeously written with humor, wit and touches of wistfulness -- I can't think of another was to explain this but the whole story is just wonderful! I know this book has been compared to One Day but this is so much better. My reading group pre-ordered that when it first came out in the UK and as I predicted, it was made into a movie. I think this would be an awesome movie since the dialogue is all there. I am a giant dialogue fanatic and this romance is just so sweet and pitch perfect for me. There are lots of great minor characters that try to answer that huge question about the afterlife. Just like in life they never actually do find an answer but everyone feels better at the end.

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