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Invisibility - Andrea Cremer, David Levithan THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITStephen has lived his whole being invisible to every one without knowing exactly why. When he is a young teen, his mother dies and he exists in New York City, the perfect place to be unseen. That is until a new girl moves into his apartment building and shocks him to his very core. Elizabeth can see him and although she has major family and attitude issues, Stephen starts to fall for her. As the pair become closer and closer, Elizabeth realizes that something is not quite right with her new boyfriend. When he finally confesses that no one else can see him, she does what any loving girlfriend would do: she breaks up with him.It is so lucky that if Stephen really tries, he can be heard, so when he reveals himself to her brother, Laurie, he convinces Elizabeth that she should not abandon him because of his uniqueness. Elizabeth isn't one to back down from a fight which is exactly what landed the family in New York after her brother comes out in their small town in the Mid-West. So, with something new to fight for, Elizabeth decides to find out how he became invisible and fix it. Or at least learn to live with it. It seems that Stephen has been cursed by his grandfather and there the story really takes off in a break neck pace.Winding though New York's Central Park and other landmarks, the trio track down a lady who can see spells and Elizabeth is gifted in this manner, thus explaining why she is the only one who can see him. One major highlight for me is there is a dachshund named Tigger - sorry, you have to read the story to find the dog. I really enjoyed this tale quite a bit and would love to follow up on Elizabeth and Stephen to see if the pair continue on in any new adventures. Parents: this is best suited for mature teens because of implied sexual situations handled with taste and some language.

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