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Levitating Las Vegas

Levitating Las Vegas - Jennifer Echols MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITElijah and Holly and separated by their parents before they can date in ninth grade. They are also told they have MAD - Mental Adolescent Dysfunction - a mental disorder with noted feelings of being able to read minds or think they can fly, which can lead to hallucinations and looking crazy. Drugged for the last seven years and hiding their devastating disease, they both try to assume normal adult lives. Holly is finished with college and is her father's assistant in his chart topping magic show in Las Vegas. Elijah is a carpenter at the same casino and lives with two roommates. When the two cross paths again, the spark they had as fourteen-year-olds is still there. So now Elijah is reaching out to Holly to get his hands on some of her medication since the pharmacy can't get the drug to him.The pair soon figure out that a conspiracy against them has taken place and the their "hallucinations" are not that at all. Holly has the power to levitate and move objects with her mind, while Elijah can actually read minds. To say they are upset with the parents is an understatement. Holly's roommate, Kaylee is also in charge of the casino security and as a mind changer, she is pretty much on top of everything. She has also escaped from the Rez, a group of malevolent young teens and adults, bent on destruction and living a sort of Lord of Flies existence. Kaylee knows that the pair are a high target for the group to use and take over the casino, given a chance.

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