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Also Known As - Robin Benway MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITMaggie carries twelve passports all under assumed names but still some form of Margaret, her real first name, which she HATES. Moving to a different assignment with her parents rapidly, she has never stayed long enough anywhere to make real friends her own age. Her best friend is a master forger named Angelo who taught her to break into Gramercy Park when she could barely reach the lock. Her mother is a hacker while her father is an expert at languages. While her parents are proud that Maggie is now on her first solo assignment at age sixteen, but they are also a bit stressed since the job requires her to become "friendly" with a boy her age.A publisher is rumored to be doing a story about the Collective where Maggie and her family work and expose them all to the world, Maggie is sent in to befriend his son, Jesse and try to block the story. Maggie never expects to be anything but professional but then she actually makes a friend her own age, something that has never happened in her whole entire life when she signs up to attend a private prep school to get closer to Jesse. Roux, is a firecracker, who is the school social outcast after a scandal, meets her the first day on campus. The two conspire to get her closer to Jesse but Maggie discovers that the subterfuge isn't all that necessary since Jesse is attracted to her.Maggie soon realizes that she is in a bit over her head and confesses to her new bestie and almost BF about the family business. Well, I guess Jesse is on the short list for boyfriend since they do actually kiss and share ice cream and deep secrets. Enlisting their help, they soon put the clues together and....sorry, you have to read the story to find out all the details. This is such a cute and sweet little thriller that should appeal to most young teens. It is filled with excitement and is really clean, all except one bad word that I can remember. I read this one very quickly which is always a good sign and can't wait for another one in this series. I hope that Maggie further develops her "friendship" with Jesse. With Roux as her sidekick, there should be no dull moments.

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