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Monument 14: Sky on Fire

Sky on Fire - Emmy Laybourne MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITThe group has survived intact so far with only minor injuries and have figured out how to counteract the chemical spill as well as fight off a few interlopers who would like to take over the superstore. Alex and Niko decide that they can't sit around in the store forever and repair the bus to get to Denver International Airport where evacuations are taking place. So with them, Batiste, Josie, Sahalia and Brayden who has been shot, all set off to get help in the bus. As they travel through the interstate, the true horror of the catastrophe is even more than they could have imagined. They are met by a group of marauding militia that tell them the airport is nothing more than a death sentence. Still the group plods on.Back at the store, Astrid and Dean try to keep the three youngest children happy and comfortable and they think that they are safe, another refuge tries to break in and Jake reappears to save them. As Jake describes the devastation outside, they start to gather supplies to make their own trek to the airport. The air quality is deteriorating and they feel they have no other choice since everything seems to be getting worse.The story again is full of action and perfect descriptions which make for a quick read. The characters are more developed and I needed a book that wasn't a tortured romance -- although there is a bit of that between Astrid and Dean. The ending left me hanging a bit and you do find out the fate of a few of them. I am not going to ruin the outcome of this one since I know you will want to pick this one up. Parents: There is a bit of language and some kissing in this one, as well as some violence but it was nothing like the first one.

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