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Zombies vs. Unicorns

Zombies Vs. Unicorns - Garth Nix, Libba Bray, Maureen Johnson, Diana Peterfreund, Justine Larbalestier, Margo Lanagan, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Kathleen Duey, Carrie Ryan, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Scott Westerfeld ABSOLUTELY LOVED ITI dreamed about this book. Seriously, I imagined these stories told by these authors since a rainbow bright unicorn landed on my desk in the third grade. So, I have tipped my hat and you now know which side of the fight I live for. But wait! The zombie people made really great arguments for the zombies. What this book really comes down to is: Holly versus Justine. I love them both separately but equally and for different reasons. There are great back and forths between each story where Holly is pro Unicorn and Justine is pro Zombie. I laughed until I almost choked, but then the zombies would win. This is also the first anthology where I read each and every story. In most books like this there are always a few that I just don't like, but these are all spectacular. They are also stories you could read over and over again. My favorite has to be Meg Cabot's story about a killer unicorn (literally can kill) that farts rainbows and jasmine. Now who wouldn't want one of those around? I also enjoyed Scott Westerfield's Zombie story for some weird reason, it just struck a chord with me in a post apocalyptic way. (Trust me, I am NOT sucking up to Scott since his wife his co editor--the story still has me thinking about it.)These are some pretty spooky stories that would be great around a campfire or under the covers with a flashlight. They are all pretty safe for kids over 11 or so. Although I think the kids will have a hard time prying it away from their parents.

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