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The S-Word

The S-Word - Chelsea Pitcher MY THOUGHTSLOVED ITWhen Angie happens upon her best friend and her boyfriend the night of prom, all hell breaks loose. Lizzie, known as the Ice Queen, for being untouchable in their social circle of entitled, popular cheerleader- sport star set, becomes the victim of bullying, led by Angie. When Lizzie commits suicide soon after, Angie's anger turns to guilt. When the word "slut" appears on Lizzie's locker and soon reappears again in what seems to be Lizzie's script, Angie becomes determined to find out exactly why Lizzie ended her life. Parts of Lizzie's diary also are being circulated, pointing out the culprits that lead Lizzie to become so depressed that she can see no other way out.This is part mystery, part social commentary, as Angie tries to pin down who is spreading Lizzie's diary around the school. We also get to know Lizzie a bit more through these little insights. The uncovers a horrible truth about surviving high school with all of the twists and turns of bullying and mean girls. Although the picture painted is pretty bleak, the author does offer some hope for those who feel they are different. This is really a heartfelt read and speaks to an important problem that teens face today. Parents: mentions of alcohol, suicide and as well as some sexual situations.

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