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The Pleasure of Your Kiss

The Pleasure of Your Kiss - Teresa Medeiros MY THOUGHTSLOVED IT Clarinda fell in love with the rogue next door and Ashton broke her heart when he promised to return to her once he had made his fortune. He never returned but his exploits found their way back to her ears. When his reckless way almost kill him, he must reach out to his estranged brother, Max who has comforted Clarinda previously and they become engaged even though she has never forgot about Ashton. Clarinda is on her way to Max when the ship is attacked and she captured, then sent on to a harem! Ashton is recruited to help rescue her by Max and he doesn't realize that this is that same girl he loved. Yes, you can imagine the the not so cute meet that takes place.I adore Teresa Medieros' writing style and I am thrilled that she has written such a fun historical romance. You may know her from her paranormal romances, but her latest combines all of her strengths. Clarinda is a feisty heroine while Ashton is the perfect foil and she can give as good as she gets. Oh, the double entendre there! The best part of the story is that while improbable, in this world it all could happen and the author makes it so incredibly believable. Ash, ever the adventurer puts Clarinda through many trial rather than just hand her over to his brother. At times, I almost felt sorry for him since he is just so lost when it comes to where his heart should be. Thank you, Ms. Medieros, for taking me away for a few wonderful hours.

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